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Fava & Associati is one of the most successful Italian firms specialized in Labour Law. Since its foundation in 2003, the Law Firm has been assisting Italian and multinational leader companies in Banking, Financial, Food & Beverage, Industry, Construction, Commercial, Transportation, Infrastructure, Media and Trade Associations.

Mission & Vision

The Law Firm operates in particular in the strategic and operational management of restructurings, transfers or sales of business units. The Law Firm has a solid expertise in managing negotiations and reaching agreements with unions and in concluding settlement agreements with the relevant Labour Offices.


The Law Firm is recognized by its customers as an advisor to Senior Executives and Members of the Board of Directors. Fava & Associati has a network of qualified correspondents all over Italy, Europe, Usas, China, Japan, Russia and the United Arab Emirates.

Avv. Fava
Fava&Associati - Studio Legale
Lo Studio è dotato di grande competenza, professionalità e velocità. Riesce a supportarci efficacemente in qualita di partner strategico Roberto Zecchino Hrd Gruppo Bosch
Lo Studio Fava è supporto indispensabile per un'azienda labour intensive con sedi in tutta Italia come la nostra: abbiamo sempre trovato grande professionalità, disponibilità e attenzione al cliente. Per noi l'unico punto di riferimento a livello nazionale. Pier Maria Salvagno Call2Net S.p.A. - Presidente & Partner


Fava & Associati Law Firm is specialized in Labour Law and assists clients in all areas of Labour Law and Civil Law in general, from extrajudicial to judicial advisory services.

  • Labour and Union Laws
  • Civil and Bankruptcy Law
  • Corporate Law / Privacy
Labour and Union Laws

Consulting on issues of Labour Law - Drafting of employment contracts - Management of employment relationship - Individual and collective dismissals transfers of business - Transfers of business - Sales of business units - Restructuring and reorganization of business - Management of negotiations with union representatives.

Corporate Law

- Assistance and advice in the company startup, analysis, negotiation, drafting and definition of the constituent acts, statutes, shareholder agreements and arrangements among members; draft of contracts and consortium agreements, joint ventures.
- Assistance and advice during the ordinary administration of the company, evaluation, analysis, management and resolution of any business issues, inter alia, contracts, external relationships with customers, suppliers and banks. During this phase, our Law Firm offers advice in the examination and drafting of any documents issued by corporate members (e.g., minutes of meetings of shareholders and / or boards of directors and / or executive committees).
- Activities of Corporate M&A and management phases of extraordinary administration of the company with the analysis and management of any extraordinary operation on the share capital (e.g., acquisitions, mergers, sale of companies and / or businesses and review, negotiation, drafting and conclusion of any acts, documents and / or related contracts and management of the related Due Diligence corporate.
- Assistance and advice during the dissolution of the company, with examination and management procedures for voluntary liquidation and/or bankruptcy of the same;
- Assistance and consulting forc ompanies in crisis, with expertise in the management of the concordat and bankruptcy procedures.

Civil Law

Extrajudicial and judicial activities (procurements, sales, paymentofdamages, defamations also through the press, liability claims, leases and condominium, debt recoveries, executions securities and real estates), advice and assistance on the application of the Legislative Decree 196/2003 (legislation to protect privacy).

Bankruptcy Law

- Assistance and representation in court of firms under going pre-bankruptcy and litigation of various insolvency proceedings.
- Advice and legal assistance in receiver ship procedures.
- Representation of companies and banks against whom has been experienced revocation action.

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Our Lawyers

Avv. Gabriele Fava +

Avv. Gabriele Fava

Founder and Chairman
Areas of activity: Labour Law, Civil Law, Bankruptcy Law, Agency Contracts, Litigation, Arbitration...
Avv. Sonia Di Lorenzo +

Avv. Sonia Di Lorenzo

Lawyer Partner
Areas of activity: Civil Law, Litigation, Labour Law, Company Law.
Avv. Filippo Bigot +

Avv. Filippo Bigot

Lawyer Partner
Areas of activity: Civil Law, Litigation, Labour Law.
Avv. Sara Gastaldi +

Avv. Sara Gastaldi

Lawyer Partner
Areas of activity: Civil Law, Family Law, Labour Law.
Avv. Emilio Aschedemini +

Avv. Emilio Aschedemini

Lawyer Partner
Areas of activity: Civil Law, Litigation, Labour Law.
Avv. Luigia Scalfaro +

Avv. Luigia Scalfaro

Lawyer Partner
Areas of activity: Civil Law, Labour Law.
Avv. Roberto Parruccini +

Avv. Roberto Parruccini

Lawyer Partner
Areas of activity: Civil Law, Labour Law, Corporate Law, Corporate M&A and Bankruptcy Law.
Avv. Emanuele Licciardi +

Avv. Emanuele Licciardi

Areas of activity: Labour and Union Laws , Civil Law, Corporate Law.

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